Peace of mind

Yoga at SportsCenter Denmark has several advantages, despite of age, gender, body type or former yoga experiences. It’s not necessary to have the body or mind of a tiger. First of all it’s most important that you have the desire to become one with your body. It strengths your knowledge of the body in every way. Sportscenter Vejen offers several of yoga types.

All classes ends with meditation, which is an effective way to get down to earth, as well as gain concentration, alertness, creativity, and reduces stress. This is either religious or mystical stuff, but simply about finding yourself in the moment – and be present in the moment, with mental health and load of happiness.

Fit and fresh

Despite it neither results in sweat and tears or pushing the body to the limit, it will have an effect resulting losing weight. You should by no means underestimate it in the name of weight loss. Mostly you don’t directly loss a lot of pound, but the mental effect of practice yoga is just as an important part of the process.

Practicing makes an connection of harmoni between body and mind, by the practicing the positions and exercises of the given yoga type. Your body will gain both strength and harmoni, as well as mental healing. Within the filosofi of yoga, it’s a saying the positions and exercises connects the body, mind and soul.

Improved immune system

The classic yoga style reduces the body inflammation, as well as strengths the immune system. There is no such thing as a classic yoga class that heals. The dynamic exercises is a bang for the immune system, with the fact it has an anti-inflammation effect.

In just 10 minutes you will be able to let go of stress, and gain a feeling of first class body massage. It’s a simple recipe of healing, without any costs. Sit down, loose the shoes and shape the legs as an X underneath you. Get hold of a blanket, take a deep breath and practice two exercises: ‘the plow’ and ‘the small bridge’. These are the ones you must practise this evening before bedtime.


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